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    The Law

    In the event that you are a non-inhabitant Indian living in the India or in any unfamiliar land there might be events where you need the assistance of an Indian-based legal advisor to take care of matters in India which you are not in a situation to manage yourself. This might be the situation where taking care of the matter face to face (assuming abroad) would expect you to make regular outings to and in India which is just unrealistic.


    Whatever the conditions, our devoted group of Indian experts are available to help you. Driven by Indian legal advisors/lawyers, we can assist with Immigration legal matters that should be taken care of. To make matters simpler, our legal counselor’s in India communicate in English and can likewise offer administrations in Hindi.


    We have an unmatched standing in the niche of our work i.e Immigration (inbound and outbound for our citizens). Our legal advisors have taken care of all aspects of migration matters from introductory applications through to acquiring Indian Citizenship. We comprehend that customers regularly require restricted legitimate exhortation so we have practical experience in cross-line projects, offering complete help through our public and worldwide organization.


    Issues in migration influence essentially all organizations and we support our clients from new businesses to worldwide organizations across different areas including monetary, IT, Power and energy, Pharmaceutical and Retail. Our legal advisors help with vital citizenship, start to finish sponsorship and visa uphold and offer far reaching help with migration consistence.


    We assist with all categories of visa and entry-clearance applications including:

    • Business Visa for all activities permitted under the Act
    • Employment Visa for foreign workers
    • Project Visa for foreign nationals coming to India for execution of projects in the power and steel sectors
    • Visa for Self Employed or freelance artists
    • Extension of visa


    Our experienced lawyers also provide guidance across the full immigration journey from visa applications and extensions to settlement, Indian citizenship and Indian passports.


    We can also help with:

    Inbound to India

    • Assisting with obtaining or extension of visas, including employment visas, business visas, journalist visas, long term visas, tourist visas, dependent visas or other categories, including Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card application.
    • Assisting with registration with the Foreigners Registration Office for issuance of Residential Permit (RP) and Registration Certificate (RC).
    • Advising and obtaining Overseas Indian Citizenship (OCI) for immigrants in India.
    • Draft, review and finalisation of applications and petitions before various courts, commission, forums and other authorities/bodies for the registration of OCI persons, responding to queries on the immigration laws in India.
    • Assistance in application and documentation required to obtain Indian citizenship under various grounds as per the Indian Citizenship Act.

    Outbound from India

    • Assisting with visa application formalities within India applying to foreign consulates within India.
    • To undertake the process of legalization and consularization before various Government agencies and Consulates of supporting document(s) required and received by Applicants for the purpose of filing along with the application for grant of various visas before foreign consulates within India.
    • Filing the visa applications on behalf of Applicants before the foreign embassies/consulates within India, follow up and collecting the visa for the Applicants.
    • Advisory/opinions on all immigration related queries, visa refusals and many more.


    You are being far away from India, access to this information you want in a timely manner may be highly inefficient sometimes or may not be readily available.


    We at Lex Move can help you to simplify your information and procedures and are able to advise you step by step process to achieve your goal of completing Immigration legal task here in India. To find out how we can help you today, contact us on +91-9811071132 or if you’d like us to call you back, why not complete our online Quick Response Form and we’ll get in touch at a time that suits you.

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