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We deliver a complete range of market leading Start-ups & IP services to businesses including:


A strong conceptualizing and methodology session with our Indian based team of start-up lawyers and experts to examine your business, answer questions connected with decision of element (e.g. limited liability company, corporation), brand names, trademarks, domain names, arrangements between originators, non-exposure agreements, raising money methodologies, and so on.


  • Planning of the archives expected to frame your organization in India and secure power to carry on with work in different states (as applicable)*
  • Help with consistence connected with distributing prerequisites of your new element (as applicable)*
  • Drafting of Advisory Board arrangements
  • Drafting of Employment Offer Letter, Independent Contractor Agreement, Confidentially Arrangements, Non-revelation and Assignment of Invention arrangements


Other Services related with IP

  • Drafting of agreements, terms of purpose, stage administration arrangements and security policies
  • Enrolment of brand names and copyrights
  • Dealing with IP protection issues
  • Devise a plan to manage those risks and exploit those opportunities as effectively as possible
  • Quickly address and resolve the problems involved with alleged and actual IP rights infringements.


Over and above, services will be provided that meets our client unique needs.

Over and done with success

Fundraising Process

In spite of the fact that raising support processes come in various shapes and sizes, we are know all about the various structures expected for fundraises.

Drafting Legal Documents

New companies demand for legal documents to be drafted in light of multiple factors, going from fulfilling a solicitation from an investor to moderating dangers as the start-up develops.

Analysis Legal Documents

Now and then, new companies as of now have records being used yet need a lawyer to do a sense check. That is where we come in to help you.

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