Best legal services for Expats/NRI in India

Best legal services for Expats/NRI in India


NRI’s are frequently ignorant that they have various rights which they can lawfully implement corresponding to property, tax assessment help and banking. Customarily NRIs have ended up involved in lawful debates in India which can be a complex, costly and distressing experience.


Our service permits NRI’s to enlighten an  Indian legal Advisor to prompt and prosecute in India. This implies you can hire an Indian legal advisor/lawyer from your foreign land. This gives NRI client’s significant serenity.

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Why us for hiring NRI Legal Service in India specifically for Expats/NRI?

  • Our accomplished specialists/attorneys give Indian legal advice and portrayal, straightforwardly to NRIs, according to all parts of case for common questions in India. Our methodology is unmistakably creative. Working straightforwardly with our clients, we consolidate the aptitude alongside the assistance levels of a confided in firm.


  • We endeavour to comprehend our clients’ arrangements and targets. At that point we set up the individual conference, with the correct blend of abilities, dialects and experience. Our legal advisors work intimately with NRI clients, to ensure that they generally know what’s happening and without the requirement for them to head out to India.


  • Our Lawyers are enthusiastic about Indian law and carry eagerness and obligation to each case they work on. We care about our clients and consistently go the additional mile to guarantee that everything is perfect.


  • Discovering Indian legal advisors/lawyers that are proficient and solid can be testing. Indian Lawyers comprehend the necessities of NRI’s. We offer a scope of NRI Legal Services in India spend significant time in Visa , OCI , Citizenship and other lawful related issue.


Indian Legal Services for NRIs 

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    Indian Legal Services for NRIs: How we can assist?


    For every new enquiry, We conducts a comprehensive review of the client’s legal standing based on the accessible realities and reports. In specific cases and with the assistance of our team, we may propose getting further documentation to give a more top to bottom and nitty gritty lawful review.


    We ensure that the client is completely satisfied on their matter before we continue. In view of the inside and out review, we will:


    • Advise on any pre-activity contemplations
    • Clearly recognize key trouble spots
    • Outline an unmistakable legitimate procedure, including any proposed prosecution inside the extent of Indian law
    • Advise on any break assurance that might be accessible relying upon the idea of the case
    • Identify key pain points and difficulties
    • Provide an evaluation on costs for leading suit



    We can assist with the following NRI Services in India

      • Visas to India
      • Indian Power of Attorney
      • Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)
      • Inter-Country Adoption
      • Divorce proceedings under Indian Law for parties settled abroad
      • Renunciation & Termination of citizenship
      • Extension of Visas
      • Appeal (if any rejection) has happened earlier
      • Marriage under Special Marriage Act 1954
      • Indian regulatory laws and compliances.
      • Dealing with Indian regulatory.
      • Other Immigration and settlement issues.
      • Business compliance, taxation and registration.
      • Employment rights and labour laws when working in India.


    With office in India, implies you can look for our expert NRI legal advisor/lawyer guidance and administrations prior to showing up in India through in elevated expectations of client’s care and a resolute obligation to the reason for our client. Clear and perfect exhortation, expert portrayal and keeping you updated and mindful supports our ethos.


    Our ethos is to assemble connections and to turn into the trusted business accomplice to our clients, being accessible at whatever point required.


    Most Important: If there is any Indian student who is staying abroad and are in trouble please Do Not forget to drop a line to us. We are with you and will try to figure out your problem as earliest as possible. (The study/The Immigration)

    The Immigration

    “Trust is the key, Don’t take million dollar of stress on your head” – Salonie Jain | Founder of Lex Move


    We don’t sell our administrations. We sell our ability and we cooperate across our association to address our client’s issues and give the best arrangement custom-made explicitly for you. This permits us to give an all in one resource of inventive answers for your legitimate issues.


    Our basic beliefs are kinship, trust and devotion which is helped through across everything/areas that we do. Now get your service at doorstep, just sit back, relax and enjoy nibbles with tea.




    1. What is The Benefit of Hiring NRI Legal Service in India for expats?

    NRI legal lawyers provide uncomplicated Indian legal counsel and representation to NRIs. They work in all aspects of cases for typical questions in India. NRI lawyers ensure that everyone is aware of what is going on without requiring them to travel to India. Lex Move provides Best NRI Legal Service in India. Our lawyers are passionate about Indian law and approach each matter with passion and responsibility. We organize personalized meetings with the right mix of skills, dialects, and experience.


    2. What are the services included in NRI legal service?

    Lex Move is the Best Legal Advisor in India for Expats. Our team is highly experienced that handles all the legal matters with clients’ satisfaction. We can assist you with the following NRI legal services:-

    • Transfer of property
    • Marriage under the special marriage act
    • Property dispute
    • Real estate dispute
    • Immigration
    • Extension of visas
    • Family issue


    3. How can I select the best NRI law firm for expats?

    NRIs have a history of becoming involved in legal disputes in India, which can be a complicated, expensive, and distressing affair. You can hire the best NRI law firm on the basis of three factors.

    • Transparency
    • Track record
    • Experience


    Lex Move provides Top NRI Legal Service in India For Expats that help them to stay without any hassle. We are known for handling complex NRI legal matters with considerable experience.


    At Lex Move, we don’t waste your time or financial resources. Instead, we offer practical advice, attentive service and committed representation to help you achieve your objectives in the most efficient, cost-conscious manner. Our legal advisors/lawyers have considerable experience handling complex NRI Legal matters.


    If you have a legal concern in one of these practice areas (mentioned above), Contact Lex Move Call +91-9811071132, fill out our contact form Fields marked with an * are required, or use our chat bot (at the right corner of the website) to speak with a live intake specialist.


    You may also contact us directly via e-mail at Top of form bottom of Form Your enquiry will be treated in confidence. Remember to provide as much information as possible so that your enquiry can be directed to the most appropriate person.

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