What are the Best Ways for Canada Immigration from India 2022?

What are the Best Ways for Canada Immigration from India 2022?


Immigration Consultant in Gurgaon: In spite of the coronavirus pandemic, Canada is ready to immigrate to 400,000 million immigrants. Many Indians choose Canada for living permanently over the US. Donald Trump, US President continues to put a number of restrictions on immigrant visas. On the other hand, Canada welcomes immigrants in this situation.


Our Indian nationals have a higher success rate for Canadian immigration as compared to other countries. But during this corona pandemic, many countries are reconditioning their immigration rules. This will create a little bit confused and difficulties for immigrants. Expert guidance will make your process easy and difficulty-free. Lex Move is the Best Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon provides suitable guidance that helps you to reach Canada.


Lex Move, Top Immigration Consultants for Canada in Gurgaon that help you to choose the suitable way for your immigration. If you are looking for an immigration program then there is more than 60+ programs. But finding an appropriate one is a difficult task without an expert. We are mentioning some best ways for Canadian immigration from India in 2021:


  • Express Entry Program


Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) launched Express Entry, a point-based immigration regulatory system in Canada, in 2015. The Canadian government can use this system to manage skilled worker applications for permanent residence in Canada. It is one of the fastest ways to reach Canada.

The Canadian government provides three skilled programs under the express entry program:-

  1. Federal skilled worker program (FSWP)
  2. Federal skilled trade program (FSTD)
  3. Canadian experience class (CEC)

A complete ranking system (CRS) assigns candidates points based on their age, education, language competency, and other factors. You can apply for a Canada PR visa once you have a CRS score. Lex Move is a team of Professional Immigration Consultants in Gurgaon that helps you to perceive the express entry program.


  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)


The provincial nominee program is designed for people with the skills, education, and work experience to contribute to a province’s economy. Students, business people, skilled workers, and semi-skilled workers were all targeted in this campaign.

Provincial Nominee Programs (PNP) are run by each of Canada’s thirteen provinces and territories. Because each province has its own population and economy, its immigration strategies are tailored to meet economic and demographic demands.


  • Self-Employed Persons Program


A Canada self-employed program is intended specifically for applicants who desire to establish themselves as self-employed in Canada. You must have relevant expertise in any given profession if you wish to be self-employed.

A candidate must have the ability to contribute significantly to the Canadian economy. They first meet the eligibility requirements for Canada’s self-employed program before applying.


  • Family Class Sponsorship Program


In Canada, family sponsorship is a way to reconnect separated families. In fact, the Canadian government prioritizes the processing of sponsorship applications because it believes in keeping families together. Family members who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents can sponsor a family member living abroad to become a permanent resident of Canada in a variety of ways.

The family class sponsorship program permits Canadian citizens and residents who are 18 years old or older to sponsor their spouse, parent, or dependent children. With permanent residence, such family members are able to work, live, and study in Canada.


But Who Can Help You in Choosing the Best Program?


Lex Move is a reputable Canada Immigration Expert in Gurugram who can provide you with timely and accurate immigration guidance. We provide great services and have supported a large number of clients with successful immigration. Lex Move is a trustworthy advisor who can assist you with the following:-


  • Lex Move offers appropriate guidance and thoroughly examines all of the applicant’s information.
  • Our experts offer an in-depth analysis and submission of the application form and paperwork. We do not end here but Lex Move helps you till you reach Canada.
  • We ensure that you keep yourself up-to-date with the daily changes in the system of immigration other than your country.
  • Lex move is too specific and confined, and we work for our residents in a transparent and orderly manner.
  • To guarantee a tight line of transparency, we distribute a systematic list of fees payable for visa processing.


Lex Move is a Canada Immigration Consultants for Canada in Gurgaon that helps you to suggest an appropriate program. With the help of our expert team, you can find the best way to reach Canada.




    Question : What are the Eligibility Criteria for Express Entry Program?

    There is an eligibility criterion under Express Entry for an Indian national with no connection:-

    • Evidence of your education in India is equivalent to the Canadian standard with the submission of ECA (Educational Credential Assessment).
    • You have to prove your proficiency by taking an English or French language test for the official language of Canada.
    • Have enough funds for yourself and family members to support you financially.
    • You must have worked for at least one year in a job within the last 10 years. It can be a full-time or part-time job in an occupation listed under Canada’s National Occupation Classification (NOC) skill level A, B, or O.
    • As per the program you choose any other criteria.

    Lex Move is the Best Immigration Consultant in Gurgaon that guides you to perceive the eligibility of express entry program.

    Question : Is it difficult to Immigrate to Canada in 2021?

    No, it is not difficult to migrate to Canada in Covid19. Canada is the first choice of everyone when it comes to living and working. Lex Move helps you to move to Canada safe and sound during covid19. Our experts help you to know the Covid test requirements while moving to Canada. We also ensure your immigration process is trouble-free. Lex Move guides you with each and every detail about immigration updates made during Covid19. Lex Move is a Canadian Immigration Consultants in Gurugram that will notify you about the need for Covid19 test- Pre-Entry test, before 8-day test, and On-Arrival test. After completing these requirements you are eligible to immigrate to Canada.

    Question : Which is the Top Immigration Consultant in Gurgaon?

    There are many consultancies to pick nowadays, but how do you know which one is the best? Lex Move is a Canada PR Consultancy in Gurgaon, with over 8 years of experience in guiding clients through the immigration process until they arrive in Canada. Our team can help you choose an appropriate immigration program based on your needs. You’ve arrived at the right site if you’re looking for a trustworthy and legitimate.

    We offer the Best Immigration Services in Gurugram with a 100% success rate and a speedy immigration process. Hire Lex Move as an immigration consultant for Canada. If you actually want a simple immigration process.

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