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Start-Ups Start with IP in India

Are you

  • a first time business owner;
  • looking for an SME business lawyer in India as your business safety net to take care of your bootstrapped business.


  • many business owners try to get by without legal assistance.


However, in our opinion, delaying hiring legal counsel is akin to constructing a house without a sturdy foundation; eventually, the bricks will start to fall apart. Simply, the start-up lawyer aids with risk management if you want to make your business successful.

“Make your business away from tantrums. We are here to ensure that you act appropriately.” – Salonie jain

This is what we offer specialist advice to SME’s, NRI’s for first time Business Start-ups in India in a number of stages including:  

  • Pre starting up
  • Starting up
  • Running a start-up
  • Fundraising

We work with you like your navigators at a more competitive rate. Tell us where your business stands, and our Indian start-up lawyers will propose the service scope to support your business.

Because we are here to enlarge your business growth with peace.

Our Services

Fundraising Process

In spite of the fact that raising support processes come in various shapes and sizes, we are know all about the various structures expected for fundraises.

Drafting Legal Documents

New companies demand for legal documents to be drafted in light of multiple factors, going from fulfilling a solicitation from an investor to moderating dangers as the start-up develops.

Analysis Legal Documents

Now and then, new companies as of now have records being used yet need a lawyer to do a sense check. That is where we come in to help you.


One on One Meeting

We put our clients at the middle of our considering. It is our mission to form an easy customised solution and, in return, we trust to establish growing business for client.

Cost Effective

We endeavor to get it the particular needs of our clients and, utilizing our information and mastery, center on conveying real-life and practical solutions


A fundamental component of our profession is being open, fair, and responsible with our clients, and working at the most elevated proficient guidelines.

Creative Thoughts

We energize our individuals to think imaginatively and inventively within the lawful counsel we grant, as well as the way we offer services.

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    We firmly believe that the upfront expenditure of getting legal assistance before-the-event is a more wise business choice when evaluating the longer-term expenses (both financial and time costs) of fixing a legal problem. From the beginning to the end of your matter, we will provide you with experienced advice and representation, making sure that you are aware of all the steps and associated costs.

    Consult by Virtual Appointment

    > Begin jointly with the goal in mind.

    > Analyse and assess business needs

    > 60 minutes consultation

    Discuss the scope of service

    > Propose the responsible SME business lawyer with best-matching expertise in India help to navigate through various legal and regulatory challenges.

    Engagement letter

    > We make tailor made strategy & cost effective budget for you.

    > We will issue an engagement letter upon confirmation of our collaboration.


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