Immigrating is not just about filling a set of documents and applying for visas. A lot of detailed operations go into it. You might not check up on certain factors, following your visas getting rejected by embassies. Lex Move analyzes and investigates the information provided by the applicant well. They ensure every piece of information is correct. This avoids any sort of legal difficulty that might occur in the future.

It is important to keep at arm’s length from such unwanted pauses. Lex Move, the best immigration consultant for Canada, will grant appropriate assistance to you.

Lex Move is here to help you with immigrating to Canada as an investor. They can help you gain citizenship as well as permanent residency in Canada. Lex Move singles out the best citizenship program, tailored specially for you. Their inbound and outbound immigration solutions are such to be vouched for. All this at much cheaper price than any other abroad facilitation options.

Investor visa is an easy medium of immigrating to Canada. It is one of the most popular ways as well for many. But, it requires thorough knowledge of immigration laws, rules and policies. Reason being the impact investor immigration has on a country’s economy. Lex Move has detailed and in-depth knowledge of such laws saving you from all such trouble.

Suppose you have just decided to move to Canada. And, it is the first time that you are travelling there. No matter how well researched you are, it is likely that you miss out on some important details. Even a small error or omission can lead to rejection of your visa. Lex Move can be extremely helpful in this regard.

They are the best immigration consultant for Canada, well versed with rules applicability there. They will help you with the complex details of the application.

Lex Move also keeps a track of your paperwork submitted for approval of visa. They ensure that you get a visa for Canada without any hush and problem. Even if your case is difficult, they will take care of the matter with the embassy.

The fast and quick services of Lex Move make sure you meet tight deadlines of the embassy. They will get your work done well within the time limit. Lex Move will constantly help you with documentation till you reach Canada. Further, they will also assist you even after you reach Canada.

Their team of trained experts ensures you clear one-on-one interview and more too.

Clearly, the quality services of Lex Move make it the best immigration consultant for Canada.

Immigration consultants for Canada

Many Indian students choose Canada for higher education. This is because Canada offers one of the best higher studies in the world. Decision to immigrate is one of the biggest decisions of your life. As students, it is highly important that you don’t leave any scope for mistakes.

Lex Move assists you with the entire process. They give you a crystal clear image of how everything will be processed. Not sure about suitable university, they will help you select. They also assist you with how to apply for those universities and select ideal programs. Not just this, they also guide you with the necessary exams to be taken like IELTS, TEF, etc.

The most important part to get an admission is to fill up application forms in the correct manner. Lex Move supports you through thick and thin with this. Considering your monetary factors, they also help you with scholarships and fee waiver. They also review your documents on a timely basis to ensure they are up to date with prevalent laws.

Lex Move as your immigration consultants for Canada will help you with everything. They will get you your study permit for Canada.

In case you are looking to go on an employment visa, they also help you with that. It is the easiest way to immigrate to Canada as per its rules and policies. There is high demand of skilled professionals in IT, designing, accounting, etc. Hence, employment visa is a popular form of immigration – Lex Move will assist.

Lex Move takes care that you have the minimum points for immigration, which are only 67 out of 100. They also oversee that your work falls in the demanded occupation list. Lex Move takes it to be their responsibility to get you the approval within 6 months.

Lex Move, immigration consultants for Canada, also helps you with a Permanent Residency visa. Applying through Express Entry, your whole family can get a visa. With this, you and your dependent members might get the right to work in Canada.

Residency by investment is an easier way to get PR in Canada. It primarily involves investing in the economy of Canada. Also, you might want to look into the many benefits of investing in residency. You will be eligible to work for any employer in Canada. You will get free access to medical services for your family. Your children will get free education up to class 12. You can also enjoy retirement pension when the time comes.

With so many add-ons that you can enjoy, Permanent Residency is certainly a good option. In connection to this, PR involves a strict procedure and detailed guidelines. With Lex Move’s in-depth guidance, you stay away from any related stress.

You have so many visa options in your hand now. It is natural for you to get confused. You may even wonder about what is the best option for you. Don’t worry – Lex Move is there for you!! As your immigration consultants for Canada, they will give the best advice. They will help you choose the best option for your particular case.

Any false information furnished is against the law. If discovered, it may lead to deportation. So, it is vital that you furnish information true to the best of your knowledge. At times, while filling documents individually, we miss out on certain things. For this reason, you should consult immigration consultants for Canada. There is no one better than Lex Move to handle all this from end to end.

Further, Lex Move also hands out a systematic list of fees payable for visa processing. This ensures that a fine line of transparency is maintained during the entire procedure. They are certainly your ultimate guide willing to assist at every step.

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